Church of St. Joseph

The church was built by the Celje middle class in 1680 to express their gratitude to the saint for having put an end to the plague in the city.

Its design is simple, and it is beautifully emphasised by two bells on the western façade. The church, which is known as one of the most beautiful Baroque-style churches in Slovenia, is also a popular pilgrimage centre. The main pilgrimage gatherings are on 19 March and 1 May (Jožefovo).
From the mid-19th century, Jožef Hill has been a place where Lazarists carry out their mission (spiritual enlightenment, organ school, protection of the elderly) in the modern spiritually enlightened centre St. Joseph’s Home. Since the establishment of the Celje diocese, the Home has also been performing the mission of diocesan pastoral centre.

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